Divorce Attorney in Greeley, Colorado

Dependable Advice at All Stages of Divorce in Northern Colorado

Many people are tempted to handle their own divorce. In some cases, this can work out perfectly well, especially when no minor children are involved and the marriage didn't last long enough to generate complex marital property division problems. More often than not, however, an unrepresented person won't be in a very good position to make sound decisions, and serious mistakes that are hard to undo are the usual result.

Contact us, the legal team at Stout Law Firm, to work with a knowledgeable Greeley divorce lawyer. You'll find out fast that the role of your divorce counsel is not to tell you what to do or generate a lot of bills fighting over unimportant details. Instead, it's to give you a good enough idea of your legal rights and responsibilities so that you can make decisions that protect important long-term interests while meeting the immediate demands of a situation.

When you work with the Stout Law Firm team you'll find out how to divide the marital assets and debts in a way that not only satisfies Colorado legal requirements but also reflects a solid understanding of what constitutes marital property as opposed to separate assets and debt obligations. You'll also learn how to work toward fair, practical and productive child custody and visitation arrangements that put your child's interests first, as required by law.

Most of the issues that need to be resolved in divorce can be worked out through negotiation and compromise, but it doesn't hurt to work with a lawyer who happens to be an experienced and accomplished trial advocate. By getting ready for a contested court hearing from the earliest stages of a dispute, you're actually increasing your leverage for settling it on favorable terms.

Weld County Attorneys for Child Custody or Support Enforcement Issues

My divorce practice covers the full range of issues that need to be addressed at any stage of the case, including the modification or enforcement of interests created in a final divorce decree:

  • Temporary orders on custody and support issues
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Division of property and debts, including pension and retirement interests
  • Business and ranch asset valuation and division
  • Alimony or spousal maintenance issues

Find out more about the ways you can benefit from the counsel of an experienced family law attorney. Contact Stout Law Firm in Greeley or Fort Collins for a free initial consultation.