DUI and DWAI Attorney in Greeley, Colorado

Comprehensive Counsel for the Full Range of Colorado Drunk Driving Charges

At Stout Law Firm, I advise and defend clients charged with DUI and other Colorado drunk driving offenses. I work toward developing the strongest defense available, with the objective of defeating the charge or keeping the consequences for my clients to a minimum. To learn about your best options for a positive result after a DUI or DWAI (oftentimes referred to as DWI) arrest in Weld County, Larimer County or elsewhere in northern Colorado, contact me for a free consultation.

Fort Collins DWAI Attorney with Trial Experience

As experienced criminal defense lawyer who have resolved thousands of cases since 2000, I are familiar with the different law enforcement and prosecution practices in the different communities north of the Denver metro area. I also know what a DUI conviction can mean for a commercial driver, a college student, a licensed professional or someone involved in a family court dispute. The strategy I recommend for your case will therefore take full account of your long-term interests as well as the case before you.

Our experience can help protect your rights and your driver's license across a range of situations:

  • First-offense DUI based on a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher
  • Enhanced DUI charges for drivers over 21 based on a blood alcohol level of .20 percent or higher
  • Enhanced DUI charges against underage drivers based on any degree of intoxication
  • DWAI charges against motorists with a blood alcohol level between .05 and .08 percent
  • CDL drunk driving charges based on a blood alcohol reading over .04 percent
  • Repeat DUI charges, including felonies based on prior convictions from other states
  • DUI charges based on field sobriety test results
  • Implied consent violations based on a refusal to provide a blood or breath sample
  • Zero tolerance charges against minors with any measurable level of blood alcohol

Some of the potential defenses that I can explore for your case include lack of reasonable suspicion to pull your car over, lack of probable cause to make the arrest, improper administration of field sobriety tests or the preliminary breath test, or operator errors in measuring blood alcohol concentration at the police station.

Greeley DUI Defense Lawyer

Our job as your defense team is to identify and consider every possible approach to winning your case through dismissal, compromise of the charges or a victory at trial. If winning on the merits looks unlikely due to the strength of the evidence against you, my experience with sentencing issues can still protect you from many or most of the worst possible consequences of a conviction.

For more information about my drunk driving defense practice, contact me in Greeley or Fort Collins at Stout Law Firm.