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At district attorneys' offices across northern Colorado, they are seeing more drug charges related to cocaine and meth. In response, they are taking these cases more seriously than in years past and doing their best to hold anyone and everyone accountable. If you have been charged with the distribution or possession of meth or cocaine, you want an experienced defense attorney on your side.

I am a Greeley controlled substance defense lawyer Stephanie Stout, and we've made it my business to protect the rights of the accused in Colorado courts. I have seen how the state has changed its approach to these cases, and I will make sure you know when it is time to go to trial and when you should take the best possible plea.

Protecting the Accused Facing Meth and Coke Charges

Any drug charges tied to cocaine or methamphetamines are going to have serious potential consequences, but the state takes distribution cases the most seriously. With many drug charges, you can find some leniency from the courts and prosecutors if you are a first time offender. That is not the case with distribution charges. First offenders have to be just as ready to protect their rights.

If you have been charged with cocaine or crystal meth distribution in Colorado, you want a knowledgeable attorney doing on your side. I have handled these cases before, and I know how to look for holes in the evidence against you. If the state has a strong case, I can help you tell the difference between a good plea offer and a bad plea offer, considering your past record and the current charges you face.

In addition to my experience protecting the rights of individuals facing meth possession charges, I have litigated major cases against people accused of involvement with meth labs. If you have been charged with making and distributing methamphetamines, the state is going to come after you hard, so make sure you have a lawyer on your side who understands what goes into the process.

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