Probation Violation Attorney in Greeley, Colorado

Fort Collins Probation Violation Attorney

People often fail to take probation violation charges seriously and many of them end up back in jail, serving out the sentence they worked so hard to avoid. No matter how small the violation may seem, you have to litigate these charges as hard as your main case. Make sure you have a lawyer on your side who understands what is at stake.

As Greeley parole and probation attorney, I are determined to protect the rights of the accused in northern Colorado. I understand how much you have at stake after an alleged violation and will do everything I can to make sure you do not end up back in prison.

Fighting Probation Violations in Northern Colorado

In Colorado, if you are convicted of a probation violation, you could be sentenced to anything you could have been sentenced to for your original charges. The results could be just as severe as the initial potential consequences. And if the courts believe you did not take the probation seriously, they will not be quick to give you a second chance.

Taking a comprehensive look at the exact charges of your alleged violation, I will look for ways to demonstrate to the court that you did not violate it. I will also build a case to demonstrate to the court that you are not a threat and there is no need for you to go prison.

The first step in fighting a probation violation charge is to look at the file from your previous case. If you did not have adequate representation or your initial case was not handled properly for any reason, it will change your entire case. Without an attorney, many people agree to things they do not fully understand. And if there was a huge error, your entire plea could be withdrawn.


Whatever the conditions surrounding your probation violation arrest, do not ignore the issue. There are serious consequences. Contact my Greeley or Fort Collins law offices today for a free initial consultation and learn more about the charges you face.