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Comprehensive Client Service in Family Assault Defense

Practicing in both criminal defense and family law, Stout Law Firm is an outstanding choice for anyone who needs an attorney's advice about the broader consequences of a Colorado domestic violence arrest and conviction. People charged with assault or a restraining order violation not only risk punishment in the criminal justice system, but also face ongoing problems with child custody and visitation rights, loss of gun rights, and potential problems with a career or professional license.

I have over 20 years of combined experience advocating for clients in the courts of northern Colorado, and my experience makes me especially well qualified to advise and defend anyone facing criminal charges of domestic violence. Contact me in Greeley or Fort Collins to learn more about my experience in a free consultation. My understanding of the different ways even a misdemeanor domestic assault offense can affect all aspects of the defendant's life for years to come helps me anticipate and avoid the problems that can be expected to come up in your case.

Domestic violence charges can proceed with or without the cooperation of the alleged victim. Whether your case will be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on many factors, especially any prior history of domestic violence involving the same people and the extent of physical injury resulting from the current case.

Each client's case is very different, and my ability to present your defense in the context of the overall relationship and the various family interests at stake can often create immediate advantages for you. The strategies that I will recommend for your situation will always reflect your actual circumstances as well as your immediate and continuing goals.

My practice meets the needs of anyone charged with domestic assault and a range of related legal problems that may or may not directly involve family violence. Clients can count on me for sound advice and forceful advocacy across the range of criminal and quasi-criminal family problems:

  • First-offense or repeat charges of domestic assault
  • Violations of protective orders or restraining orders
  • Domestic violence charges directly or indirectly related to divorce proceedings or other family court litigation
  • Harassment or stalking in current or terminated dating relationships
  • Family sexual abuse problems
  • Child protective services investigations involving family violence, family sex abuse or other serious circumstances

People whose livelihoods or right to work in a licensed profession can also count on me to protect the interests that are likely to be affected by domestic violence charges.

Weld County Family Violence Lawyer

To find out more about your options for resolving a criminal or family problem related to assault or abuse at home, discuss your situation with an experienced Greeley domestic violence defense lawyer. Contact Stout Law Firm for a free consultation.