Chess pieces, one stands alone

How Our Attorneys Got Their Start

During law school, Stephanie interned with a US attorney’s office and saw firsthand what criminal defense lawyers do. By the time she graduated, she knew she had found her calling and went on to become a Colorado public defender.

Just over a decade later, Stephanie decided to strike out on her own and establish the Stout Law Firm. She had gained invaluable experience during her time as a public defender but knew she could do even more by focusing on the people in Weld and Larimer counties. When she founded the firm in 2011, she added family law to her practice.

Rob went down a path similar to Stephanie’s — beginning his career as a state-appointed public defender and later transitioning into the small firm lifestyle by joining Stephanie’s firm. His reason for pursuing criminal defense, though, was a little different.

Growing up, Rob never agreed with the way the prison-industrial complex functioned. He was indignant at the idea of people being imprisoned so that others might profit and decided then to be on the other side of the criminal justice system. After meeting Stephanie, he knew he was taking his career in the right direction.

Two Attorneys, One Mission

When Rob partnered with Stephanie in 2015, the Stout Law Firm became Stout & Casey. Since that time, the firm has become an even stronger force of justice for Colorado residents. The lawyers expanded the practice to include not only criminal defense and family law, but also workers’ compensation and consumer protection. Most importantly, they combined their skills, knowledge, and passion to make for an unmatched legal team.

Stephanie brings over 15 years of experience to the table and a fierce presence in the courtroom. Rob offers a fresh perspective and a strong litigation style to boot. The two attorneys may have different approaches, but they know how to come together and make their strategies work.

“We both knew long before we became attorneys what side we were fighting for. Our commitment to freedom and justice has never wavered.” - Stephanie
Experienced Counsel

No matter your legal issue, you want a seasoned attorney on your side. Our team offers more than two decades of combined experience.

Personalized Service

Each case is different and requires a unique approach. We learn our clients’ cases inside and out so that we can provide high-quality service.

Focused on Family

Many of the cases we handle threaten to separate families. We work to resolve those disputes in ways that will minimize our clients’ losses.

The Future of Stout & Casey

Since the inception of our law firm, we have worked tirelessly to establish strong relationships with our clients, advise them strategically, and defend them like there’s no tomorrow. As we move forward, we will continue to do this and more. Each time we see an opportunity to improve or expand our practice, we will take it. After all, the more ammo we have in our arsenal, the more we can do to protect our clients’ rights.

Neither of us has ever been able to sit back and watch something happen that we disagree with. We are protectors and justice seekers, and we’re on a mission to keep our fellow Colorado residents out of legal trouble whenever possible.