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The state of Colorado considers robbery to be a violent crime, even if nobody was injured. Robbery is defined by the use of force in the act of a theft and so the stakes are higher than a simple theft charge. Make sure you have a lawyer on your side who understands the difference and can help you explore your full range of defense options.

I are Greeley robbery attorney Stephanie Stout. Because of my versatile experience, I have a unique perspective on how the state handles these crimes. Small changes in the evidence against you can make a big difference on the charges and potential consequences you face.

Protecting the Rights of Individuals Charged With Robbery

Colorado prosecutors see robbery the same way they see assault. Even if nobody was seriously injured, there is a lot of fear that comes with the threat of violence or the use of a weapon. However, these cases are very complicated, and to get the full picture of what happened, you have to take them apart piece by piece.

As your legal counsel, I will delve into the details in order to fully dissect your case. There is a big difference between the use of violence and an alleged victim's perceived threat of violence. There are often identification issues in these cases as well. There are a number of ways to build a comprehensive robbery defense. If there are holes in the case against you, I will find them.

Not all robbery charges are equal. Armed robbery is considered aggravated robbery, which means there are mandatory sentencing guidelines. Simple robbery does not have mandatory sentencing guidelines. While both charges may involve the threat of violence, aggravated robbery includes the use of a weapon.


If you have been charged with robbery, do not wait to protect your rights. Contact my Greeley or Fort Collins law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about your rights and options.