Sex Crimes Attorney in Greeley, Colorado

Fighting Sexual Assault or Child Porn Charges in Northern Colorado

Prosecution of a serious sex crime can create more problems for the defendant than even a homicide charge. The investigative work and defense strategies can be more complicated, and even the consequences of a conviction can be more severe.

For example, a 19-year-old man convicted of statutory rape through consensual sex with a 14-year-old can expect a harsher sentence than he would receive on a manslaughter conviction. For more serious offenses, a sentence of life in prison is a real possibility. To protect yourself from the worst consequences of a sex crime conviction under Colorado law, contact Stout Law Firm for a free consultation.

I am Stephanie Stout, experienced Greeley sex crime defense attorney serving the needs of clients throughout northern Colorado. My goal in sex crime defense is to pare away the evidence against my clients until the prosecution doesn't have enough left to support a conviction. I examine all the options for presenting the strongest possible defense, from careful review of police and witness statements for inconsistencies to expert analysis of DNA evidence and other forensics.

At the same time that I am working on your defense to the charges at hand, I also do everything possible to protect your continuing interests: career, professional license, academic standing, parent-child or spousal relationships, or any other aspect of life that can be affected by a sex crime arrest and conviction. I also work hard to reduce the risk of long-term or lifelong sex offender registration obligations.

Fort Collins Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Examples of the kinds of cases I handle include:

  • Sexual assault or forcible rape
  • Statutory rape and other sex crimes involving persons 15 or younger
  • Date rape, acquaintance rape or spousal rape
  • Sexual abuse of a child
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child pornography, including sexting charges related to cell phone photos
  • Online solicitation of a minor for sex over the Internet
  • Rape or sex abuse charges against teachers, coaches, doctors, nurses, counselors or other professionals
  • Family sex abuse charges involving stepparents, a parent's boyfriend or girlfriend, siblings, or extended family relationships

Whether substantiated or not, sex crime allegations can destroy a family. Child protective services will often report findings of sexual abuse that cannot be proved in court, but will nonetheless invite criminal charges, foster care placements and other serious problems. To help eliminate the possibility of these consequences, I work to help my clients manage the difficult family dynamics of a sex crime charge while presenting the case for the defense.

To find out more about my experience meeting the serious challenges that can be expected to follow an investigation or arrest for criminal sexual conduct, contact Stout Law Firm in Greeley or Fort Collins for a free consultation.