Assault Attorney in Greeley, Colorado

Fort Collins Aggravated Assault Lawyer

There are a wide range of assault charges in the state of Colorado, and as a result, these cases are often overcharged. You want an experienced attorney who can see when prosecutors have gone too far and make sure you do everything possible to lower the charges you face and minimize the potential damages while fighting for your rights.

I am Greeley assault lawyer Stephanie Stout. With extensive experience handling assault and other violent crimes, I can look at your case objectively and properly analyze it so you know whether to take a good plea bargain or take your case to trial.

Protecting the Rights of Individuals Charged With Assault

The exact assault charges you face depend on a number of circumstances. Police and prosecutors will look at the circumstance surrounding your case before bringing charges. I will conduct an independent investigation of our own to determine whether or not prosecutors have charged you correctly, based on the allegations and evidence available.

There is a big difference between third degree assault or domestic violence and first or second degree assault charges. No matter how they are charged, first and second degree assault charges are mandatory crimes of violence, which means you face a mandatory prison sentence if you do not defend yourself.

There are a number of aggravating factors which can lead to more serious sentencing guidelines. If a weapon was used, you will be charged with aggravated assault. If someone has been seriously injured or had reason to be scared for their safety because a weapon was used, you have to approach these cases very carefully.  I understand how to advocate for you in these difficult circumstances.

In many cases, the people who have been injured in assault cases are friends or family members of the accused. I will help you prep for your testimony if your case goes to trial, so you are properly prepared. I will make sure the judge understands that you are not a threat and you deserve something less than the maximum sentence.


If you have any questions about the assault charges you face, do not hesitate to contact my Greeley or Fort Collins law offices and schedule a free initial consultation.