Are Your Coworkers Putting You at Risk of Workplace Injuries?

Stout Law Firm June 30, 2017

Any Colorado worker could suffer an injury while on the job. The odds of an accident occurring and you suffering injuries may depend on the type of occupation you have, but even in relatively mundane work environments, you could face hazards that could result in serious harm. Of course, certain actions on the part of you, your coworkers and supervisors could also impact the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Though you may do your part to not put yourself and others at unnecessary risks, you may not have the ability to account for the actions of other people. As a result, if your coworkers or supervisors fail to follow safety protocols or participate in any other common causes of work-related accidents, you may find yourself suffering harm.

Taking shortcuts

One quick way to reduce the safety and integrity of a job site relates to taking shortcuts. Though finishing certain duties quickly may seem more appealing than following proper procedures, skipping steps or taking other shortcuts could compromise safety. Protocols and procedures tend to have a purpose, and acting against those steps may create unnecessary hazards.

Too much confidence

You likely know that hubris can easily result in people failing to properly assess a situation. As a result, their overconfidence may result in their thinking that they cannot come to harm or that they can complete projects on their own when assistance may actually be necessary. Having to work with overconfident workers could place you in a difficult position, and their actions could also put you at risk.

Unsafe work environments

Supervisors have a duty to ensure that work environments meet safety standards, and if they do not get the proper inspections and clearance, you may end up working in unsafe conditions. This type of situation may also relate to the issue of taking shortcuts.

Additionally, work spaces need to remain orderly and free from violations. If workers or supervisors become lax in their housekeeping duties, numerous hazards could quickly crop up.

Workers' compensation

Unfortunately, even if you do your best to remain safe on the job, other individuals could put you at risk, or you could simply become involved in an unexpected incident. Because workplace accidents can often result in serious injuries, you may find yourself needing financial assistance if injured. Therefore, you may wish to gain more information on how workers' compensation could potentially help during this time.