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Worker's Compensation Archives

Workers' compensation may cover more than physical injuries

Unlike most physical injuries, mental and emotional illnesses can be very difficult to detect and treat. Unfortunately for many people, this can lead to them dealing with the stresses these issues create for long periods of time before they get the help they need. These types of issues are just as important as physical injuries and people who have them should be able to get help.

What you need to know about filing for workers compensation in Colorado

If you find yourself involved in a workplace accident, you may be worried about your family. You may be worried about getting adequate medical care. You may be worried about compensation either for temporary or permanent loss of your job.

Five steps to take after a workplace accident

If you ever find yourself involved in a workplace accident, it is important to know the steps to take to ensure your rights to compensation and care are met in a timely manner. You may feel uncertain about your job security or injury treatment plan, but with the right help you can find the best path to recovery and a return to work.

Worker's Compensation

After much thought and preparation, we have decided to add worker's compensation to the practice here at Stout Law. Looking around Northern Colorado, we realized that there was a lack of skilled litigators who were ready and able to take these types of cases. We have also seen, in our criminal practice and our family practice, the kind of damage it does to a family when someone is injured on the job and is not able to get adequate medical care and compensation for either temporary or permanent loss of work.