Greeley Criminal Law Attorney

Fort Collins Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

I am Stephanie Stout, a Greeley criminal lawyer who concentrates on criminal defense and family law in northern Colorado. After more than 10 years as a public defender primarily in Weld County, I now represent clients in my own law firm based in Greeley and Fort Collins. Dedicated to providing my clients with the skilled and committed advocacy they deserve, I am prepared to handle a wide range of criminal law and family law concerns in Colorado courts.

Greeley Criminal Law Attorney

If you face criminal charges in Northern Colorado, you want an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the local courts on your side. I am prepared to handle a number of concerns as part of my criminal defense practice:

  • Drug crime defense: I handle possession, distribution and other charges for a wide range of narcotics, including marijuana, methamphetamines and cocaine.
  • Sex crimes defense: A sex crimes conviction will haunt you the rest of your life. Make sure you do everything you can to fight these charges.
  • Internet sex crimes: These cases are being prosecuted more and more in northern Colorado. I can help you understand the charges brought against you.
  • Domestic violence defense: With a family law practice as well, I can defend your rights and help you minimize the impact of these charges on your relationship with your family.
  • Defending college students: Even a small criminal offense on your record can have a major impact on your education. I can help you minimize the damages.
  • Burglary, theft and trespass: I will handle every aspect of your case and help you explore all options to fight the charges.
  • Violent crimes: I protect the rights of the accused charged with a wide range of violent crimes, from assault to robberies.
  • Probation violations: If you fail to take these charges seriously, you could end up right back in jail carrying out the exact same sentence as before.
  • DUI and DWAI defense: A drunk driving charge can happen to anyone. It is my job to help you get a second chance and make sure you protect your license.

Fort Collins Family Lawyer

I continually discover ways to apply my criminal defense experience for the benefit of family law clients, and the other way around. It is easy to see how problems with the criminal justice system can strain family relationships, and how a crisis at home can lead to criminal consequences. My practice serves the needs of people whose difficulties might cross legal boundaries, whether they are going through a divorce or involved in a child support dispute.


To find out more about the advantages of working with an attorney experienced in both criminal defense and family law, contact my Greeley and Fort Collins law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation.