Robert Casey

Greeley, Colorado
888-353-5371 (Toll Free)

My name is Robert Casey and I am an associate that works at the Stout Law Firm. I began working for the Stout Law Firm in May 2015. Since that time I have been honored to work with Stephanie Stout and learn from her example in and outside of the courtroom.

I graduated from DePaul College of Law in 2013. While there I studied under some excellent professors and interned with Cook County Public Defender and Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers. During those internships I was able to learn the value that a hard working attorney can bring to criminal and family law.

After I graduated from DePaul College of Law I began working at the Colorado State Public Defender. There I handled a misdemeanor caseload. It was an excellent learning experience, but I wanted to enter private practice so that I could expand my practice to other areas of law outside of just criminal defense.

Today working along side Stephanie Stout building a practice that helps protect the interests of people who walk into court.